Brenda Davis-Worrles

Book Author and Songwriter

Brenda Davis-Worrles is the author of children books and contemporary romance novels.

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Tree Top

This book is about a little girl named Tree Top. Tree Top was supposed to do what her mom said, but she didn’t. She got lost in the woods. As small as she was, she knew how to call on the Lord. She prayed, the Lord showed her a light, she followed it, and she was found. Her family was so happy to see Treetop, and so was she.


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I love my books. I started on the adult book last night and I couldn’t stop reading it. My husband had to take it from me, lol.

Frances Morrow

Please support Brenda by purchasing her books. This is her 4th book and I have all 4. My youngest grandchild is 13. I buy her books to read and to give to a family member with a young child. I want to thank you for posting my picture from the book signing on Saturday. You could have posted others but you chose me.

Brenda Worrles

Inspiring Author, Songwriter and Clothing Designer

Brenda Worrles, who has been spotlighted in  Cover Magazine, The Fayette Falcon newspaper and been awarded with the 2019 Lady of Distinction Award, has been touring and promoting her four published books. Most recently, Brenda Worrles started a new venture by releasing a new surgical apparel line which came about due to a procedure that left her unable to dress her own self.